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additional &AUX capability

    Date: 3 October 1981 18:03-EDT
    From: William G. Dubuque <WGD at MIT-MC>
    (defun f (a &aux b &aux c) ...) complains about the arglist; this works 
    on the Lispm.  Allowing this format makes it much easier for programs 
    to append additional &aux vars.

I forgot to mention that this now works in DEFMAC 166 (currently installed
version which you get if DEFUN& is autoloaded).  Also, the same thing
should be true for DEFMACRO, right?  Currently, the COMPLR isn't yet
reloading DEFMAC, but there should be a new COMPLR soon anyway.

Incidentally, some time ago, someone complained about the COMMENT which
DEFUN&/DEFMACRO outputs that it shouldn't tell you about the &AUX vars;
I believe removing that information is a mistake, and have re-installed
it now, so that the comment contains pretty much the whole lambda-list.
I see that some persons avoid &AUX for esthetic reasons, so presumably
these ones wouldn't complain about the COMMENT.