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    Date: 3 September 1981 07:08-EDT
    From: Jeffrey P. Golden <JPG at MIT-MC>
    Oops!  As it may be argued that the example in my last mail does 
    exhibit "differing declarations", as the first occurrence of X is 
    not declared FLONUM, please replace the example by
	    (defun f (x)
	      (declare (flonum x))
	      ((lambda (x)
		 (declare (flonum x))
		 (times x ((lambda (x)
			     (declare (flonum x))
			     (times x x))
		  (sin x)))
    This one fails in the same way anyway.
Yup, your're right.  I suspect that fixing COMPLR to ignore the
*consistent* re-declarations wouldn't be any trouble at all.
Maybe with a little more thought, fixing it for overriding
declarations could be worked in too.  Overrides of NOTYPE are
harder to do since NOTYPE generally means the absence of
other declarations -- getting this part would involve a little
more work, but I'll look into it after returning from England.