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(1) LOCK REPORT, and (2) "Bare" COMPLR

    Date: 22 August 1981 21:49-EDT
    From: George J. Carrette <GJC at MIT-MC>
    "LIBLSP;DUMPGC" has a function (GENERATE-LOCK-REPORT) which by default 
    generates the file "LISP;LOCK REPORT" from the file "LISP;LOCK MAIL"
    in the required format. Files which do not exist are marked with a "*"
Tnx for bringing DUMPGC up to date -- I've incorporated the results of LOCK
REPORT into LOCK > now, so the LOCK MAIL file is fairly new.  One bug I
noticed -- some files are continuously dumped over the same name, like
FLAVOR;TS FLAVOR, and there are consequently multiple listings in the 
report for it;  it would be correct to list only the latest dumping.
    This should save you some time. Can you do something that will
    save me some time? Can you dump out a COMPLR form me on a BARE MACLISP,
    that is one with NO MACROS, NO SOURCE-TRANS, of any kind?
    I'm looking for a bare complr environment, like one would want
    to dump out a RABBIT or other compiler built on maclisp.
    I've calculated that I can dump a macsyma-compiler on such a COMPLR,
    but there is no way I can do it with the present COMPLR, with all
    the macros and stuff like EXTSR and DEFVSY loaded. (Whatever they are).
I made up a CCLOADer file (on GJC;CCLOAD >) to dump GJC;GC.DMP >, which
is a fairly minimal COMPLR -- LET, DEFMAC, SETF, and SRCTRN ("source-trans"
which account for compiling things like <=, LOGAND, etc.) have been
removed resulting in a savings in address space of about 8K, and I
made it up over SHARAB rather than MACLISP, which resulted in another
11K savings (partly due to "features" like GRINDEF being preloaded in
MACLISP, and partly due to more "slop" when rounding off pure pages.)