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Reminder of need for automated processing of LISP;LOCK MAIL file:
    Date: 30 January 1981 22:34-EST
    From: George J. Carrette <GJC at MIT-MC>
    To: JONL at MIT-MC, KMP at MIT-MC
    I am mailing a one-line message to DSK:LISP;LOCK MAIL
    which is the value of *sharing-file-list* for the things I dump.
    Conveniently it has the responsible hacker and the date/time.
    I'll perhaps get around to writing a simple frob which
    generates an indentation-table from this info (marking which
    dumped files aren't actually around anymore of course).
    You don't have to look at LOCK MAIL if it is too much trouble.
Shortly after this, I had PURE-SUSPEND also "mail" to LISP;LOCK MAIL -- 
unfortunately, there hasn't been any processing of this information
since I last did it by hand in early May.  With more dumps being put
on the LSPDMP directory, some older (i.e., not recently used) ones
will have to go "off line";  it would be nice if you finished the
"indentation-table" program you've been talking about so that dumps
"locked" down by other files, ** and not otherwise entered into the 
LISP;LOCK > file ** can be saved.