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Re: Twenex SUBFORK 48 bug & fix


The supposed bug you've found in the RESCAN subr is not a bug at all.
By definition, RESCAN only places its string into the RSCAN buffer; it
is up to the program inferior to Lisp to determine whether or not to
enable this for reading.  The separate call with .RsIni is used to
enable the contants of the RSCAN buffer into the input stream.  It is up
to the Emacs/Ledit under the Lisp to perform the .RsIni call.  If Lisp
performs the .RsIni call itself, and the Emacs underneath does not
perform an FJ to read the RSCAN buffer, then the RESCANed string will be
read by Emacs as normal user type-in; the FJ call in Teco performs the
.RsIni call itself.  This use of the RSCAN buffer is in keeping with its
normal use as the means for reading the line typed by the user to the