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Twenex SUBFORK 48 bug & fix

    Date: 29 Jul 1981 1558-PDT
    From: Chris Ryland <RYLAND at SRI-KL>
    It seems, under R4, that SUBFORK's RESCAN subr isn't working.
    What's lacking is:
	    (setz 1)   ;Do an .RSINI RSCAN now
	    (jsys 0 #.RSCAN)
	     (setz 1)
    after the
	    (hrro 1 1)
	    (jsys 0 #.RSCAN)
	    (setz 1)
Your note appears to be correct for, as you say, version 4; so this
mod is now in SUBFORK 49 (installed on XX and MC).