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This sort of bug should go to BUG-COMPLR, not BUG-LISP. 
is a message from the complr saying that its toplevel read-compile loop
died in some wierd way. It can mean many things -- it happens to me often
due to directory full when it tries to open output files ... Other possible
things are maybe read errors? I don't know ... Take a look for unclosed parens
or dot errors or whatever ... When in the breakpoint, I think INFILE is bound
to your input file object and that if you do (FILEPOS INFILE) it will tell you
where it was in the file when it died. If INFILE is closed, probably the read
died in unclosed parens or something similar. That's all one can say without 
looking at it in detail, which I don't have the time to do. But since JONL's
not in right now, maybe that'll give you something to go on until he shows up.