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[no subject]

Has anyone on these two mailing lists either observed the
behaviour alleged by GJC below, or been inconvenienced by it?
This may be a moot point since both versions of UMLMAC, 33 and 34,
were installed for only a short time, and have not been current
for many days.
    Date: 3 August 1981 11:41-EDT
    From: George J. Carrette <GJC at MIT-MC>
    . . .
    Before JONLism: "MC:LSPSRC;UMLMAC 33"
    (selectq x (a b)) ==> (COND ((EQ X 'A) B))
    After JONLism: "MC:LSPSRC;UMLMAC 34"
    (selectq x (a b)) ==>
       (AND (EQ (TYPEP X) 'SYMBOL) (COND ((EQ X 'A) B)))
    Just what are people to think when you replace good
    code with this kind of junk? Are we to say, well, it
    is "adequately efficient?" [your term]