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It was my understanding that DIFFERENCE, QUOTIENT, TIMES, and PLUS wanted to
do the `right' thing with their one-arg cases and that //, //$, ... were 
defined (sad definition in my opinion) to do whatever machine-specific hardware
operation was around that seemed to do the right thing... The explanation I got
from Jonl (I think) was that the odd behavior was a logical fall-out of what 
the hardware does when that state is reached... It strikes me as very un-
uniform that (quotient x y z) => x/y/z and (quotient x y) => x/y and 
(quotient x) => 1/x, so I'm not sure either why (quotient x) doesn't just
return x ... but that was the description I understood. I'll let them reply to
Bug-Lisp/Bug-LispM on this ...