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Penultimate SELECTQ?

    Date: 25 July 1981 17:14-EDT
    From: George J. Carrette <GJC at MIT-MC>
    Subject: The ultimate disposal of the SELECTQ problem.
    To: JONL at MIT-MC
    I noticed you asked CWH about this. Well, the installed SELECTQ
    is one I wrote that accepts items of types SYMBOL and FIXNUM, is 
    LISPM compatible, and generates code as good as CASEQ when it can.
Actually, I had suggested in some earlier mail that we use the macro 
defintion that GSB had in LSB.  It had only a minor glitch or two (which 
I corrected when moving it into UMLMAC), but is a super-winner since it 
handles *all* cases, and does so most efficiently.  That's the SELECTQ 
macro now in UMLMAC.

GSB: the "glitch" was that it failed when the calling form didn't
     end in one of (T OTHERWISE :OTHERWISE).  Also, I updated
     the calls to gensym to be si:gen-local-var.