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Foo on you, turkey, one minute you say one thing, then you complain
when I catch you on it.  The optimization is *NOT* the source of
*ANY* problem with the code.  The problem is the missing quote-mark.

In your previous note you pointed out that MacLisp does not support
EQ of numbers.  Now you suggest that it just use it anyway, because
the compiler will convert this to EQUAL.  Never mind the obnoxious
warning message this generates, why call EQUAL in this case when =
will do it very nicely?  As far as defining a new predicate, well,
what we have here is EXACTLY that, open-coded.

You can try to cover up your mistake by accusing me of attacking
you, but it won't wash.  First you say MacLisp doesn't support EQ
of numbers, then you claim it does, but you obviously didn't really
try it and see that it generates a warning message totally inapropriate
to the purpose, so you accuse ME of not trying it.  And you try to
blame the entire problem on non-working optimizations, when the
optimizations work just fine.  If you promise not to waste more of
my time flaming about this I'll fix the missing quote mark for you.