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SELECTQ using = or EQ

    Date: Friday, 17 July 1981, 21:15-EDT
    From: Robert W. Kerns <RWK>
    To:   CWH
    cc:   GSB at MIT-ML, JONL, ALAN, BUG-LISP, Steele at CMU-20C
    Re:   SELECTQ using = or EQ

    ...  So if you've
    been using them interchangably, you've been laboring under a misconception.
    This distinction has been widely advertised.

The wording in the manual is that they ae exactly identical except 
for the use of the keyword OTHERWISE. There is hardly a widely advertised
distinction. I think there has been widely advertised confusion.... I agree
with CWH that changing the semantics of existing operators is a poor
way of dealing with the need for a new feature.