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SELECTQ using = or EQ

    Date: 17 July 1981 15:53-EDT
    From: Carl W. Hoffman <CWH at MIT-MC>
        Date: 17 July 1981 12:02-EDT
        From: Jon L White <JONL at MIT-MC>
        Fixed now.  Prior to this buggy state, it produced a CASEQ,
	which insists on either symbols or numbers, but not mixtures
    Whoa, what's going on here.  I've been assuming until now that
    CASEQ and SELECTQ are just different names for the same thing.
    Are you saying this is no longer the case?
The semantics of SELECTQ are leaning towards allowing "mixed types",
and those of CASEQ requiring everything to be of the same type.
"knowning" that everything is of the same type can help the compilation
of such a construct where that matters (pdp10 maclisp, for instance).
Elsewhere such a constraint doesn't hurt; you just use EQ all the time
anyway.  Guy, are you there?  Words of wisdom?