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Strange behavior duing initialization dialog

I tried invoking LISP and saying ? to Alloc? just now, and got the
following error message:

BADPI;(IOCH1;) 126045>>.IOT 1,1   1/   40      :

I get the same error message whenever the explanatory text reaches the
bottom of the screen.  It does not matter where in the text LISP is
(i.e., if I started LISP at the top of a page or in the middle, it
still screws up when it hits the bottom of the page).

I am currently running with TCTYP H19, if that's important.

If the explanatory stuff is not used (in other words, if I just say N
to Alloc? and use the default), this problem does not occur.

If someone will be kind enough to tell me how to dump the entire LISP
core image to CRASH; I'll do that so people can analyze what happened
(assuming that the above error message is not sufficient).