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2) Some problems with io.
  a) The value of defaultf is set using uname
       rather than udir.  (status udir) is correct
       however (it uses the path).
  b)To compund the obscurity, TRUENAME does not
    return the true name of a file but always uses
the udir no matter where the file really is.
  c) NAMESTRING rarely (though not never)
    puts in the PPN into a namestring.  This seems to
    carry over into the string in the printed file
    object name.

  In b) above, DEFAULTF  of the file object
  really does return its true name.

3) Another io thing but more a not-feature.
   LISP does not know about SFD's.  SFD's are used quite
regularly these days and it is a pain to not be able to
   reference most of one's files.  Thus if one has set a path
   with SETSRC to be down in an SFD
   udir should be there too.  The form of the namelist
   should be:

   ((DSK (12 6 FOO BAR DUUX)) FOO BAR)

4) I notice that CRUNIT only changes the directory
   and not the device (both on ITS and TOPS-10).
   This seems incorrect.

5) Lastly, there is the problem of what to do with
   cursor control when away from ITS.
   One particular case is rubout processing.  On TOPS-10
   LISP could ask the monitor if the TTY is a CRT and
  make rubouts backspace.  A second item is more type
   processing.   When a TTY is not an ITS  crt
   (i.e. most terminals in the universe)
t   the endpagefn of TYO could run when the
   pagel is exceeded, since the alternative method
   is used since ITS is so good at knowing were you really
   are.  Oh well, fun to have the true tongue again.