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    Date: 5 JUN 1978 1746-EDT
    From: JONL at MIT-MC (Jon L White)
    Sent-by: TNP at MIT-MC
    To: (BUG LISP) at MIT-MC

    Apparently, the Last function in the system area is ^G, and this
    has the effect that if some random binary program has been installed
    without ordinary linkup to the property list of some atom (such as
    LISPT seems to do), then a baktrace says that ^G has been entered
    instead of saying "random-unknow-function-in-bporg-area" entered.
    Hau Abaut letting a trivial funciton have the name "?", and letting
    it be the last one in the system area.
OK, I added a SUBR ? which will return a question-mark (arg) and I made
sure to put it after ^G...