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[no subject]

1) Yes, have the TYI/TYIPEEK/READ/READLINE/READCH axis check for correct
   type of input file.  Probably some checking is done now, but is not
   strict enough?  Hopefully, it can be made fast.
2) I dont remember any code to do special case check for mul/div by 1,
   nor add/sub by 0.  True, the only case that could have a detectable
   difference is the bignum-mul/div-one case and the bignum-add/sub-zero
   case.  If this case can be checked in one instruction or less (combined
   with some jump?) then there is no question that it should be done.
   One caveat - some code, i cant remember where, depends upon (PLUS X 0)
   allocating a new fixnum cell, for large enough X;  we should at least
   provide a way to force a new fixnum cell allocation (and flonum too).