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From:     RLB@MIT-MC
Date: Tue, 24 May 78 00:58:13 GMT
Original-Date: 05/23/78 20:58:13 EDT
    Please look into (a) SUSPEND doing its own PDUMP; 
The second arg to suspend now specifies the file in which to PDUMP the lisp.
It uses the standard filespec parser so may take a namelist, namestring,
or file-object (which must be closed, of course).  BTW, is it reasonable
to add a function to pdump a LISP at an arbitrary point in time
such that the LISP is immediatly continued or would simply saying
(suspend '/$p '(foo bar))
be adequate?
(b) Generating SYS:TS XL
    so (SSTATUS FLUSH T) will win.
If you purify the LISP by saying 'XPURIFY$G' then it will cause itself to
be on:
This should solve your problems and you can get rid of the links on sys.
BTW, the locations for the LISP system filespec are: