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[no subject]

I know that someone sent mail to jweiner while logged
in as me, and this seems to be a reply.  Was it one of you?

    Date: 24 May 1978 0948-PDT
    Sender: jweiner at UCLA-Security
    Subject: Lisp for TOPPS-10
    From: jweiner at UCLA-Security
    To: dlw at mit-ai

    When the new version is out, what machine will the compiler be on?(mit-ai,
    mc , ml ..)
    What will be its name?
    Is there documentation to acompany it that describes how to load it?
    Is there a write-up for pars 3&4 of the MACLISP manual?. It appears
    that only parts 1&2 have offically been printed.

    				Thanks for your help.
    				   Jim Weiner