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MPV; error

    Date: 20 MAY 1978 1507-EDT
    From: KMP at MIT-MC (Kent M. Pitman)
    Subject: MPV; error
    To: (BUG LISP) at MIT-MC

    I don't know what STATUS-PURSI does, but I was randomly looking and
    I did "(STATUS PURSI)" it said wrong # of args, so I did (STATUS PURSI NIL)
    and it MPV;'d ... 1) This is probably a bug? 2) What does it do? Thanx, kmp
(STATUS PURSI <space-name>) returns the PURSIZE (pure size) of that space.
The error checking code for this particular space hacking function was very
poor due to the fact that it hacked with the argument prematurely.  This
has been fixed but not patched.