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From:     HENRY@MIT-AI
Date: Tue, 17 May 78 19:59:31 GMT
Original-Date: 05/17/78 15:59:31 EDT
Subject: Re:  lock for dumped Lisp systems
    To: HIC at MIT-AI
    There might be a problem with people 
    remembering to edit the lock file in the
    manner you propose. Here's an alternative.

    Keep a file with the names of files dumped
    with the flush feature. It could also contain
    the UNAMES of their maintainers. A simple
    program run each time a new Lisp was dumped
    could do the following. It could mail reminders
    to maintainers to redump systems in the new Lisp.
    After a while, a GC program could run around checking
    (STATUS LISPVERSION) in each of the files, and
    if all existing systems were updated, the copy
    would be deleted.
Your ideas regarding the handling of the LISP system are reasonable; but I want
to keep the mechanism down to a low level of complexity for all parties
involved.  I don't want to have to have hairy hacks, and I want
to be able to find the cases of lossage fast.  Therefore, I think the
single user-maintained file is the best scheme.  BTW, even if a lISP does
go away it is a simple matter to restore it from backup tape, so there really
isn't that much lossage if the system maintainer forgets.....