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I believe I started this whole debate by getting HIC to change LISP to stop
using the MSNAME which I assume everyone agrees is equally losing.
Now, RWK claims he and RMS have decided that <hsname>;<xuname> .LISP. is the
proper place to look.

First, is this only after looking for <xuname>;.LISP. (INIT) and failing?
I.e. will my lisp init be EAK;.LISP. (INIT) or EAK;EAK .LISP.?

Second, is it really desirable for people without directories to have a
HSNAME of (INIT)?  If they do then thats where RMAIL will put the person's
RMAIL file, which hardly seems desirable.

Third, would someone please explain the motivation for the HSNAME variable?
For example what is wrong with using (INIT);<xuname> .LISP.?  What lossage
will occur?