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    Date: 18 APR 1978 1125-EST
    From: RLB at MIT-MC (Richard L. Bryan)
    Subject: (STATUS SYSTEM FOO)
    To: (BUG LISP) at MIT-MC

    This should return an indication (e.g. T) for symbols needed internally in 
    Lisp but which have no other reason to appear in STATUS SYSTEM.
    For example, LAMBDA and FUNARG.
    The philosophy being that (STATUS SYSTEM foo) should return non-NIL for
    ALL symbols needed by the Lisp system.
In the next LISP, (STATUS SYSTEM foo) will return, as a member of its list
the atom ATOM if foo is a system atom.  This way, CONS will return (SUBR ATOM)
and LAMBDA will return (ATOM).