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From:     JPG@MIT-MC
Date: Thu, 5 May 78 08:26:25 GMT
Original-Date: 05/05/78 04:26:25 EDT
    To: HIC at MIT-MC
    CC: RLB at MIT-MC
    Well, you saw the note from GLS.  He says it is ok to go ahead with 
    the SUSPEND flushing of LISP pure pages from LISP dumps such as 
    MACSYMA being made available as a non-default mode.  MACSYMA will 
    certainly use it.
This feature has been implimented and is under control of the status
option FLUSH.  (SSTATUS FLUSH T) turns it on, and the default value
of (SSTATUS FLUSH NIL) means it is off. (STATUS FLUSH) returns its value.
This will come up in the next LISP.