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Date: Thu, 28 Apr 78 02:31:37 GMT
Original-Date: 04/27/78 22:31:37 EDT
    To: (BUG LISP) at MIT-AI
    	Say, who is responsible for maintaining grind these days?
    	It does hidious things to comments, such as breaking them up
    off the line, and thus causing errors when the file is read in.  Also it
    seems to make many sub-optimal decisions about when to start going down
    the page as opposed to across, and in short seems to be a holdover from
    teletype and datapoint days...
    		Good luck
    		  Ken Forbus

It is not obvious to me that anyone is!!  If you have specific bugs, someone
the LISP group is surely able to fix them; but, as for a general overhaul,
there is no talk of this coming.