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For a real crock:  perhaps we should change the core-link device to use the standard
I/O routines, in which case as it happens Lisp's SIOT would use a BLT and would preserve
the low bit of the sixbit names.  This change would also make the system a little smaller
and simpler.  The only reason currently it cannot use the standard routines is because
of the "multiple eofs" feature of core-link.  I doubt that anything depends on this.
Flushing this would mean that if guy A opens CLI:FOO BAR, then closes, then guy B
opens CLI:FOO BAR, guy B would have to wait until FOO BAR had read out the first message,
whereas with multiple eofs he wouldn't have to wait if the messages were short enough.
However, with the code as it is now you get a file-locked error in these circumstances
anyway!  So I'm proposing that core link be changed to use a character-count instead
of EOF bits, and to use the standard (BLKT etc.) I/O routines.  I am not seriously
proposing this as a solution to the loss that Lisp will not let you do block-mode IOTs.