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Talked with HIC about certain features it would be nice to have and he said
that I should forward them to NIL since LISP may never get them...

1] Some function to tell what type args a system function (or user function?)
   will take -- e.g., (ARG-TYPE? 'FOO) would return (FIX FLOAT ...) or 
   (FIX-ARGS? 'FOO) would return T or something like that -- just so the 
   info was available somehow.

2] Some function to tell whether a program had an expr or fexpr definition.
   Since it is not clear that FEXPR's, SUBR's etc. will always be on the
   property list of the atom, it would be nice from the standpoint of one
   using SUBRCALL (free functional variables no longer working) could tell
   what he was likely to get ahold of by knowing what functional types were

If these are unclear I can elaborate. Thanx for your attention.