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You raise some issues which I have been thinking about for a little while.

A) On SRI-KL a current version of Tops-10 MacLISP NEWIO can be gotten from:

B) As far as ability for Tops-10 MacLISP to use full address space on
   Tops-10 VM, there has been talk of trying to bring up such a version 
   in an attempt to get MACSYMA up on a Tops-10.  If we manage to get this
   to win, then hopefully it will also work on -20's under PA1050 (not clearly
   true, though!)

C) Perhaps the best possibility is this one.  As soon as the Tops-20 that now
   exists at our site is fully operational, the LISP group (probably mainly
   myself) will be finishing up and testing the Tops-20 implimentation of
   MacLISP (there is much code written by Guy Steele to support the -20,
   but none has been tested).  I hope to have a fairly operational native -20
   version up by the end of the summer (schedule may change depending upon
   the availability of our 2050).  SRI-KL will be perhaps the first non-local
   site to be running this software when it arrives.

I am responsible for the Tops-10 version of NEWIO (the one that is running at
SRI-KL).  I would be happy to talk to you furthur on any of these issues.
I am HIC@MIT-MC.  If you do decide to try the MacLISP on SRI-KL, please inform
me of bugs and I will fix them as soon as possible.  The local person to
contact is probably Mike McMahon (MMCM@SRI-KL) who has helped me in a number
of ways and seems to be the most knowledgable person about MacLISP at SRI.
I have CC'ed a copy of this message to him.

Howard Cannnon [HIC@MIT-MC]