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ERRLIST: Does it really claim to do that?

    Date: 31 December 1980 15:49-EST
    From: Gerald Jay Sussman <GJS at MIT-AI>
    To:   BUG-LISP at MIT-AI

    LISP manual claims that ERRLIST is evaluated before dynamic variables are
    unwound.  Unfortunately system doesn't see it the same way.
Where is that stated? As nearly as I can tell, the 1974 MacLisp Manual says

	The value of errlist is a list of forms which are evaluated
	when control returns to top level either because of an error
	or when an environment is initially started.  This feature
	is used to provide self-starting LISP environments and to
	provide special error handling for subsystems written in LISP.

which seems to imply that the evaluation is after unwind. My evolving Lisp
manual, having stolen its documentation from the 74 manual, says the same.
The Moonual doesn't document it anyplace that I see; neither does Touretzky's
guide or even the LispM manual.

So if there really is someplace that this guarantee is made, please let us 
know the document (there being many sources of documentation and none being
very complete (alas)) and page number, etc. so that we can look into it.