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CGOL bugging out in new MACLISP

From:     TFT@MIT-AI
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 80 23:30:40 GMT
Original-Date: 12/17/80 19:30:40 EDT
    I was trying to run some CGOL code for the first time in a while, and
    got a "wrong number of args to a macro" error for CATCH. .  .  .
You shouldn't be getting CATCH's out of CGOL -- was it your own code, or
is there some macro in CGOL which produces CATCH's?  If the latter, then
CGOL should definitely be updated and recompiled.  At any rate, I fixed
up the current "patch" for CATCH to allow the one-argument format.
    In the meantime, though, could you please tell me how I can load up
    an old MACLISP so that I can run CGOL?
OLISP^K always gets you a modestly-previous version of LISP -- 
OOLISP^K gets the one previous to that.