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JONL!!!!! CATCH does not work as documented in the 

If used with only one argument it should be (*CATCH NIL <argument>)
catching all throws. I am suprised you didn't catch this
case, because it is obviously the reason CATCH was implemented
in the losing way it was, to make it convenient (more convenient even!)
to catch all throws than to just catch one. 

You should have had CATCH of one arg print out a stern lecture
about how losing it was to catch all throws in that way,
however, its still nice to be able to run old code,
(in this case Pratt's). This is the kind of gratuitous lossage
which we can do without. Just running RWK's (describe CATCH)
would have been a nice thing to do before writing the CATCH macro.


p.s. Its "nice" to be able to run old code so that one can
get test examples and see how it should work, before one
converts it for e.g. the lisp-machine.