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    Date: 8 December 1980 15:31-EST
    From: Robert W. Kerns <RWK at MIT-MC>
    #%`(....) is hardly ever right!  `#%(SI:XSET ,x ,y ,z) used to work perfectly
    well, until BACKQ make |`,/|| a macro.  If you REMPROP it's MACRO property,
    or (SETQ BACKQUOTE-EXPAND-WHEN 'READ), it works perfectly.  #%`(....) is
    identical with doing `(....) in an environment with BACKQUOTE-EXPAND-WHEN
    set to READ.
this still isn't right -- the problem is that want a read-time "change
of horses in mid-stream", so to speak.  Here is one correct way to do it:
  #+FM (sublis `((A . ,totsize) (B . ,(symbolconc sname '-CLASS)))
	       '#%(SI:MAKE-EXTEND A B))
instead of 
   `(SI:MAKE-EXTEND ,totsize ,(symbolconc sname '-CLASS))
Whatever we do, we don't want to remove the macro property of |`,/||.