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In Maclisp, with STRING loaded, (SYMBOLCONC "FOO" "BAR") gives a circular
hunk description which if you trim with PRINLEVEL PRINLENGTH settings you
find is wanting to say ;(...) 1G~S Bizarre arg -- SYMBOLCONC ?
I don't think that's such a bizarre arg. I would have thought SYMBOLCONC
was something akin to (IMPLODE (MAPCAN 'EXPLODEN arglist)) but I guess it
does something wierder and less robust. Anyway, I think that CERROR should
load FORMAT if it's going to use those silly messages. Alternatively, it
should parse enough of the string to not output any of the ~ codes. Ie,
"FOO~1G~SBAR" should be prescanned and print as FOOBAR. This would be really
cheap to put in if you're worried about the size of FORMAT...The ~nG stuff
really bugs me and as we've seen in JGA's message -- users don't find it too
reassuring either.