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STRING error messages

    Date: 4 December 1980 01:07-EST
    From: Robert W. Kerns <RWK at MIT-MC>

        From: John G. Aspinall <JGA at MIT-MC>

        ;ARDS ~1G~S does not pass the ~0G~S test, for function ~2G~S ?
	. . .

    If you load FORMAT you'll get totally winning messages.  However, since 
    some systems can't tolerate the address space consumed by FORMAT, it 
    isn't loaded by default.  So as a poor alternate, it just gives you the 
    format string.
Well, perhaps the rest of the args to the nonexistent FORMAT could appear on
the screen as well, like what test (~0G) and what function (~2G).  I often
find myself ^Ging, loading FORMAT, and recreating the error in order to
find this out.