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    Date: 24 January 1980 23:07-EST
    From: Richard E. Zippel <RZ at MIT-MC>
    (desetq (a b c) a)
    fails.  b gets bound to (cdar a) ....  There is an
    optimization that tries to save something between
    (desetq (a b c) (f a)) and (desetq (a b c) a)..
    In the first case a gensym gets bounnd to (f a)..  If this happended
    in the second case thigns would win.
The DESETQ generator is quite different than the LET one, and apparently
it is losing on that "optimization".  I've just fixed this, with new 
LET FASL on LISP;, version 45.  If any problems, just copy LET OFASL 
(version 40) back.