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PPN vs LISP device

    Date: 17 January 1980 09:54-EST
    From: RLB,REES at MIT-MC
    Sender: RLB at MIT-MC
    To:   BUG-LISP
    Re:   PPN vs LISP device

    It looks to REES & me like this is ignored by ITS Maclisp /1920, at least.
    In particular, do (DEFPROP LISP (DSK NILFAS) PPN) and try to load
    ((LISP) PPNTST), of which there's a heralding version on both LISP; and
Patched in 1914 (current) and 1920 (XL).

JONL:  See the code in the IFN 0, at NML6PP+n, and my comments.