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[no subject]

It is *not* a feature that the only way to get the effect of ^S for
instance is to either get a *very* old lisp and do (IOC S) or get a 
lisp manual and look up the function it does and write it yourself ...
They ought to all be symbols so you can call them elsewhen or at least
all have symbols somewhere associated with them (2. might say get back
the default definition even if +INTERNAL-^B-BREAK has been redefined, but
initially +INTERANL-^<char>-BREAK ought to be defined for all symbols so
that they can be examined/called by running programs that aren't sophisticated
enuf or don't have enuf core to yank .INFO.;LISP NEWS and scan for the
definition themselves.

ps sorry to drag you in on this if you're not interested, GZ, but this has
   long been a gripe of mine, so thought I would get it out...