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lisp-coded tty-scanners

    The current version of TOPS-10/TWENEX maclisp (version 1920) have 
a rudimentary CURSORPOS function assembled in - not enough to satisfy 
real video terminal users, but enough to get started, and enough to 
run the (lisp) programs which have CURSORPOS calls in them;  remember
that a return value of () from CURSORPOS means that the "action"
didn't take place, either because the terminal can't support it,
or because the code for CURSORPOS hasn't been sufficiently developed.
    Two examples of LISP-coded rubout processors may be found in the
notes dated "MARCH 22,1976" and  "MAY 27,1975".  Just get the file
LISP.NEWS and search for those date strings;  then search for
"TTYSCA" on each of those pages.   Original announcement of NEWIO 
stuff, including the (STATUS TTYSCAN ...)  facility was in the note 
dated "APRIL 18,1975".