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LISP.INI's fixed, finally!

Apparently there are two bugs in either the TOPS-10 monitor, or its
documentation, but finally I've gotten the sequence of kludges which 
makes all kinds of LISP.INIs and all kinds of relocating I/O buffers 
to work;  the two tricks seem to be
  1) always do the buffer-ring "cycling" yourself, by supplying
     an address to the IN uuo
  2) Note that the CMU monitor (and possibly others) does not return
     the SN%SHR bit in the correct place, (or maybe documentation is
     wront), so the the fasload into the hiseg was losing.  I simply 
     added check to see if bit 4 is returned by GETTAB of the 
     segment-number-table (.GTSGN).  The documentation says that this
     bit is "reserved", but it is what CMU seems to return.
I've tested this out at CMU, by running the standard LISP.INI, and
also doing a "/NQACLSP"  which is the QACLSP.MIC file altered to 
get LISP off [C380ML5P], so it looks like we're in good shape again.
Also, I made up a complr and put it on TEMP, so when you are ready,
there is a LISP.SHR and COMPLR.SHR (and .LOW's too) to be moved to SYS:.