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Loading REL-type files into LISP

    Date: 10 January 1980 1621-EST
    From: Dave Touretzky <Dave.Touretzky at CMU-10A>
    Does there exist a package to load TOPS-10 relocatable binary files
    (as produced by BLISS, FORTRAN, etc.) into MacLisp so that non-LISP
    subroutines can be called from LISP?
The standard REL format is deficient for LISP, which is why the FASL
format was invented.  LISP's loader is only FASLOAD (for .FAS files).
    I have a user who needs to call BLISS programs from withing MacLisp.
    I also have a piece of LAP code that is supposed to interface BLISS
    routines with LISP, but I have no way of loading the program into
    LISP from the .REL file.  Any help you could offer would be appreciated.
But MIDAS can output FASL format (as well as REL);  So if you could manage
to translate your BLISS stuff into MIDAS . . .  See the MIDAS documentation,
around the section that has substring like ".FASL" and ".ATOM"  etc.