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From:     GSB@MIT-ML
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 80 14:02:55 GMT
Original-Date: 01/10/80 10:02:55 EDT
Subject: Re: Macsyma tags file lossage
    To: JPG at MIT-MC, (BUG LISP) at MIT-MC
	Indeed, the lossage was coming from FORMAT.  However, the bug
    is LISP's.  Lisp changes <cr> into <cr><lf> everywhere except at the
    end of the file.  I have changed FORMAT to explicitly call TERPRI
    rather than output 15 octal repeatedly;  when this gets fixed in LISP
    (I was under the impression this got fixed long ago, because i remember
    complaining about it) then format can be channged back to save some
Regardless of any lisp inconsitencies, you should use TERPRI.  I have
been hassled upon ocasion by several other persons about error msgs 
having imbedded "^M"s rather than calling TERPRI, for random-J operating
system does, or needs, something different at end-of-line  (where "J" varies 
over SAIL and some others.)