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PURPG; 146537>>HRRM 1,@70767   1/   720023   101027/   4,,111002
Will somebody help me find out what I'm doing wrong if anything?
:LISP REM;REM LISP then type (Q) and answer questions exactly "Y" "Y"
and "3"<space>  (without the quotes of course).
This is all compiled code, no dangerous no-checking flags turned on
in compiler.  Interpreted it works ok.  No LAP code in vicinity of
error as far as I know.  If you want to compare with earlier versions,
REM;HAS801 8 --> REM;HAS801 FAS8L is the most recent working version.
REM;HAS801 11 --> REM;HAS801 FASL is the one that makes PURPG; happen.