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    Date: 21 November 1979 16:26-EST
    From: Richard Greenblatt <RG at MIT-AI>
    Subject: Change to STORE
      MOBY FOO!!!  This will break lots of old code.  Furthermore, there
    is no reason for doing it, since STORE is obsolete anyway.  I STRONGLY
    object.  Let sleeping crocks lie.
   You're quite right.  The main intent was for SETF to work fully correctly
in the left-to-right evaluation order, and we can do this without changing 
STORE.  (So far, only the interpreter had been changed, but correct
compilation *is* feasible, by hassling the compiler to push and pop "LISAR" 
when compiling STORE, but . . .).  We'll have an XLISP out pronto with STORE
re-STOREd to its full crockish glory.
   Likely, we will have to introduce some new construct for SETF which 
would be equivalent to the AREF/ASET of LISPM, so that one gets the advantage
of compatible order of compilation without having to specify the array type
as required by ARRAYCALL.  But that's not been done yet.
    Sorry for delay in replying - was on mini vacation visiting parents just 
after Thanksgiving.