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MacLISP doesn't support (LIST*) [the zero-arg case]. While it is ``obvious''
that the 1-arg case has meaning, it is not so obvious the 0-arg case does.

(LIST* () () ()) => (() ())
(LIST* () ()   ) => (()   )
(LIST* ()      ) => (     )
(LIST*         ) => ??? ; I see nothing really logical to go here.

() may be a nice thing for LIST* of 0 args to return, just so it isn't
an error, but it hardly 'follows' from the others. It is indistinguishable
then from what (LIST* ()) does. I'm not altogether convinced that the zero-arg
case should be supported. Is the existance of (LIST* ,@X) with worries that
X might be NIL sufficient reason? Maybe so. I think I still need to be
convinced, tho'.