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I agree with ALAN that base i-1 would be an infinite win. I
would also like to propose that the change be put in tomorrow so
that we can begin to win immediately. 24 hours seems like a reasonable
amount of time for everybody to recompile (rewrite) their programs.

In all seriousness I think that have true file properties would be
a real win. However I strongly believe that base 8. is preferable
to base 10. In general I am disturbed by the number of people who
are in favor of installing newer and hairier on-by-default features
in MacLISP (like the hints of # becoming a magic macro character)
before long it will be near impossible to grock MacLISP without having
to know about all of the obscure "features" of it. I prefer a very
simple default environment and let the world load or otherwise turn
on the hairier features.


P.S. I am not good at flaming over the mail system. Anyone who is interested
in knowing my exact reasons for the position I take is invited to ask...