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Twenex MacLisp Additions

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    Date: 24 NOV 1979 2034-PST
    subsys, and a bunch of other things can be found in those files
    I sent you long ago.  Apparently my LEDIT doesnt quite work on
    TOPS-20, and I missed getting it to work when I was at MIT
I know, thanks, I just haven't had a chnce to work on it yet -- soon!
    Things like cursorpos would be very useful.  
    BTW things like cursorpos should really be in the MIDAS source, not
    as a piece of LAP, or is that what you are doing.
Well, we KNEW you could do it in MIDAS, and it looked like you could also
do it in LAP, and we were unclear which would be preferred, or why.  Why?
    Thanks, Mark