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Concerning the change to <cr>, how do you specify its syntax in the new 
LISP to make it invisible so as to be able to read in TERPRI NIL files 
with long atoms in them?  Obviously this is necessary if such MACSYMA 
SAVE files created in the current MACSYMA are to be loaded into the 
new LISP.  I am unhappy that after all the discussion we had on the 
<cr> issue that the new scheme was installed without a transition period 
in which TERPRI T was the default LISP mode.  It would be unfortunate if 
this means as it may that MACSYMA may have to stay in LISP 1861 for 
several months.  I think that would set us back quite a bit.  However, 
RWK had sent a system msg asking who this change would hurt, and I 
explained how it would hurt MACSYMA, yet this change was made with 
apparently no consideration for softening the blow.