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    Date: 13 NOV 1979 0925-EST
    From: TLP at MIT-AI (Tomas Lozano-Perez)

    Why doesn't ASSOC in LISPM LISP just ignore atoms in the
    list argument (like MacLisp does) instead of barfing by
    trying to take CAAR of them?

Is this really a feature of MacLisp? I can't seem to find
this in the moonual or in LISP NEWS or in the new MacLisp
manual.  It does behave this way on both ITS and Multics,
but I would have reported it as a bug if I had found out
about it on my own.  It really is a shame that the
LispMachine is forced to continue such lossages.  Another
example is the MacLisp definition of new-style DO in the
case where the second "argument" is nil, it executes the
body just once!  This one is documented at least, but it
sure is random!