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Funny symbols/strings

What would people think of having #\\RETURN, #\\LINEFEED, etc. turn into
the char designated... or can someone suggest a better way to get the effect
of #.(ASCII #\RETURN) which is what I am resorting to now? There doesn't seem
to me any reason that the alist which #\ uses can't include entries like
(... (RETURN . #.(ASCII 13.)) (LINEFEED . #.(ASCII 10.)) ...). Yes, I am
interested in this returning a symbol I can PUTPROP to -- even on machines
that have character objects available. I realize that there may be some 
discussion on this point. Perhaps a different set of keys which would return
char objects if the Lisp had them and something else on the more primitive
Lisps. Comments?

ps apologies in advance for duplications of this message