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suggested compiler feature.

    Date: 14 JUL 1980 1205-EDT
    From: GJC at MIT-MC (George J. Carrette)
    Also: atomic-macro-of-the-first-kind.
    Which would have the following actions given that <FOO> has such 
    a property:
    A free <FOO> => <expansion of FOO>
    (setq <FOO> X) => (setf (expansion of FOO> X)
    ((lambda (<FOO>) <FORM>) X) => dissables the macro property of <FOO>
    during the expansion of <FORM>. i.e. LAMBDA is a truely transparent.
    If one wants to (BIND ((<FOO> ...)) ...) then some special BIND
    form must be used. This is of course incompatible with the
    existing semantics of special variables, but perhaps special variables
    should be changed.
I'd like to cast a vote against making (SETQ <atom> <exp>) do anything
except SETQ a variable.